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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cover Actions Premium Special Promo

CoverActionsPremium.com Special Promotion Package Launched!

Dear internet marketer, ecover designer or Mr. Cover A. Collectorson.. or for whoever had any idea about the usage of Photoshop Cover Action Scripts, I bring up a goood news and a baaad news for you. Which one you want to hear first?

OK! Baaad news first:
CoverActionsPremium.com had launched Special Holiday Promotion Offer Package.
For the extremely expensive $37, 000,000, you will get FULL access to the high-definition ecover collections within your 90 days of subscription period, ( purchase 1 month membership subsciption, GET FREE 2 Months extension ACCESS to the site! ). That's so ridiculous!

Just take a look at the "not-so-happening" latest action scripts set they come up with:

DVD ecover box actions

Click here for a worse view. ( Naah!..No need to click, you'll hate them anyway )
Just imagine how terrible your digital product would be in those shape. They will scared your prospects away!

DVD ecover box actions

I will vote those for the worst actions I'd ever seen!

Here's the link: www.CoverActionsPremium.com--- JUST!..Never never never..EVER click here. Or even think of it!

Oh, Before I forgot, haven't I said there was a gooood news as well?

The good news is, the promotion will end real soon- Till the end of November, 2008. Just a couple of weeks left. Thanks god. So, I won't have to worry waking up at night considering to poke out $370,0000 or breaking my wife bank (she's rich, you know?) to buy those thing.

I'll stick with those super cheap virtual cover creator products out there like $127 or even better.. $7 or the best of the best ( bestest ) , FREE one!

Welcome to eCover-Templates.com

We create and collect ebook cover actions of various
shapes and form to fulfill internet marketers demand
to help them giving their new digital product more
options of a handsome or attractive face for
commercial purpose or else- at NO COST.

Those with Photoshop ecover actions to share with us
or with positive idea to make this site a better
platform or have a special request are welcome to do
so by sending us your URL or leaving your comments.

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