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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Software Box Action Script 2

Software Box Action Script- Square Box Retouched

I've made a few improvements for square shape software box action script from our last post. So,this is the new look. Reflection has been added to give more effect.

Requirement: Adobe Photoshop. Best working on version CS or above.

Terms of use:
You are free to download and use it to promote your digital
product on your site, give it as a free giveaway to promote your site, as a bonus, as a free gift to get prospective to sign up or else. Anyway you have NO rights to sell or use any of ecover-Templates.com's products for commercial purpose.

The download link for the software box action:

free software box action scripts
Click here to download the ebook cover template. (zipped atn file)

And the download link for the ecover template:

free software  cover box action scriptsClick here to download the software box cover
template. (zipped PSD file)

Please report if you find any broken link within this site.

More Templates to come for the action script in our next post. Bookmark this site!

'eCT Squarebox Action Script' is another original product created
and exclusively brought to you by www.eCover-Templates.com.


Andrew Gibson said...

Your links on rapidshare appear to be broken.

I develop a product designed to help people make 3D eBook Cover images. It's called 3D eBook Shot. Unlike any other ecover design tool, as well as creating static images, 3D eBook Shot can export video animations of your ebook covers. You can easily upload these videos to youtube and embed them on your web pages. I also offer an eBook Cover Design Service. Prices start at just $100 USD for a cover design.

Hazran Hamzah said...

The link to the PSD file has been fixed.

Thanks for the alert.

Anonymous said...

The link to the action script is broken

Hazran Hamzah said...

Thanks Tina, for the alert. I have just fixed the actions link.

So, i can see why we are adviced not to use free hosting. My files kept deleted again and again. Maybe we should use paid files hosting site next time.

Christine R said...

Have been using the report and the paperback actions (thank you) for our new site MyOwnMinisite.com
Came looking for a box... but the one available doesn't appear to be one of the "Step 1" "Step 2" actions. Do you have a box available that is like that please?

onqie said...

Thank yaa ..
Talk less do more ..

jana wang adsense said...

Thanks for the script. I use them for my minisite >> Jana Wang AdSense, and will use also for my upcoming minisite.

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