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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Free eZine Cover Action and Templates

EZine Cover Actions Released!

I've just finished creating our ecover actions complete with
compatible templates for this post.

Creating a good and functional actions is not as easy as I
thought. As I'm trying to give better and better out of me
every time (I'm quite new to this and still in my learning
curve).I realized it took amount of imagination, creativity
as well as time, perseverance, persistent and patience.

Our goal is to create a realistic looking cover as close as
possible. And the main concern for actions is 'perspective' as
it will make or break your whole design.

Creating a nice and professional looking template is another
challenge. This is actually the part where the 'designer
block'syndrome strikes.

Now I see why professional graphics designer charge over a
hundred dollars for their ecover action script collections and
add additional charge for templates that sold seperately.

If you are serious on making money online, Adobe Photoshop
(version 7, CS, CS2, CS3 or above preferred) and super quality
ecover actions collection are among 'a must-have' tools. It
worth every penny you spend. And if you decide to grab one,
make sure to go with the highest quality of 300 dpi.

Back to our topic...

Today's post is ezine action.

Click on the picture to enlarge

free 3D actions-ezineThis cover also suitable for smaller ebooks, newsletters or special reports.

Use it to promote your digital product and link to us so we can
see your work and share ideas.

eCT eZine Action download link:

Click on the ATN icon below to download the action script:

free ezine cover action script

Requirement: Photoshop CS ( version 8.0 ) English version.

Let's see what we can do with eCT eZine Action:

free ezine actions templates-weight lossClick here to download the PSD file (zip)

free ezine actions templates- mountain biking
Click here to download the PSD file (zip)

free ezine actions templates-weight lossClick here to download the PSD file (zip)

free ecover actions templates-health-fitnessClick here to download the PSD file (zip)

More ezine templates and ecover actions will come up for the next post. Bookmark this site.

Recently released High Definition 300 pixel per inch eZine cover actions and pre-made templates available from CoverActionsPremium.com. Compatible for Photoshop CS, CS2 and CS3. See below:

Click on images above to get directly to the page.

More ezine ecover actions will come up for the next post. Bookmark this site before you forget!
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