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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paperback Book Mockup- FREE!

Paperback eBook Cover Action Mockup & Template- FREE!

ebook cover action scripts
Here's another option to publish your ebook into a bit different shape.
It's a book with thin cover. So called paperback or some might called it
curvy style. You know why.

Most of the actual book we found in a bookstore nowaday comes with this
shape. It's look more practical with it flexibility, light weight and cost

Requirement: Adobe Photoshop 7 or above.
Should you encounter any error massage during running the action, please
give us your feedback stating your Photoshop version and OS.

The download link for ebook cover action script- paperback 1:

paperback / curvy ebook cover action script

Click here to download the ATN file (zipped)

Here an output sample of the ebook cover action script- paperback 1.

ebook cover actions script

The blank template created by the action 1 are of the equal size with the
other ebook templates provided in our last post. Means all the templates
that I've created for ebook cover actions so far, can be use with all of
the ebook cover actions with no problems.

The FREE templates in PSD files are available from ebook cover hardback template and from here

There will be more and more templates for this ebook action in our future
post. Better 'Bookmark This Site' now before you forget the URL for future
reference. Even better if you bookmark this site into your social
bookmarking site to share with the others.

Terms of use:
You can use it to promote your new digital product on your site,
give it as a free giveaway to promote your site, as a bonus or else.

Anyway you have no rights to sell or use any of ecover-Templates.com's
products for commercial purpose.

'eCT eBook Cover - Paperback 1' is another original action script created
and exclusively brought to you by www.eCover-Templates.com.
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