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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Softcover Book Mockup- FREE!

3 New EBook cover Action Scripts- Hardback Ready To Go!

Not 1, Not even 2, but 3! 3 ebook cover actions are released today!

Here's the angle of perspective for the trio.

ebook cover action scripts
eCT ebook cover action script #2 output

ebook cover action scripts
eCT ebook cover action script #3 output

ebook cover action scripts
eCT ebook cover action script #4 output

These ecover actions are new version of the 'eCT ecover hardback' cover action that I've posted before.

The first 2 output of the standing ebook cover actions may look identical at first glance, but closer look will tell the different view of perspectives.

The download link for all of the ecover actions:

free ebook cover actions

cover actions

Also embeded is a template to be use with the actions. The template theme design are suitable for Internet Marketing category.

FREE ebook cover action scriptsClick here to download the ebook cover template. (zipped PSD file)

The template created for step 1 for both of the actions are of equal size to the eCT-ecover-hardback templates from our last post. Meaning you can use the templates provided as a starting point for your ebook cover design. Go to the page to download it if haven't do so by clicking here .

ebook cover action scripts

Both ECT-ebook-cover-hardback 1 and 2 actions are created using Photoshop CS (version 8) with Windows XP.The actions are supposed to work fine with equal or newer version of both Photoshop and OS. Don't have Photoshop? You can get 30 days free trial from here .

The ebook cover actions are 100% FREE to download. You can use it as a personal use including free giveway as a bonus to your product, to friends or to prospects to get a sign up. Anyway using it as commercial purpose are prohibited.

For next post, I 'll come up with more quality software cover box actions to share. So do not forget to bookmark us!

eCT EBook Cover Actions- Hardback 2, 3 and 4 are another original products of eCover-Templates.com.

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