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Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Use eCover Actions Script


STEP 1- Loading the action files into your Photoshop

1- Download the actions

2- Unzip the files and place the .atn file
(in this case, eCT-hardback.ATN) on your desktop.
(for your own convenience)

3- Fire up your photoshop

4- Go to actions pallette, click on the small "play button"

look-alike located at the top right of the pallete.(refer pic


photoshop load action

This will open up a drop menu. Select "Load Actions..".
Find and click to your .ATN file (in this case, on the desktop)
to load it.

5- You'll see the .ATN files get listed in your action pallette.

STEP 2- Generates a flat template

In your action pallette, click on the arrow button of the ecT-

hardback. drop menu contains Action 1 and Action 2 shown up.

Click on Action 1. then click on play button at the bottom of the


The script will run automatically for a few secs till pop up
massage saying" your step 1 completed" come up.

At this point you may start designing your cover by changing your

title, substitle, color, adding new layer etc.


DO Not change your templates image size at this stage as this will cause

error running Action 2.

STEP 3- Render to 3D

When you're happy with your template design, we are going to render the

flat template to 3D.

Click to select Action 2.

Then, click on the play button.

Wait a few secs until the process completed.

Now, you may resize your 3D image to fit your need.

It's that easy.

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