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Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to transform flat ecover templates (ecT hardback) to 3D Images Tutorial

Transform flat ecover templates (ecT hardback)
to 3D Images Step-by-steps.

To do this we require :

1-Flat templates of hardback
You can download this from my previous post
"eBook Cover Hardback Templates"

2-eCT action script:
Can be download from my last post titled:
" eBook Cover (Hardback) Action Script Added"

Unzip ecT-hardback-templates files. Choose any of the PSD files
and drag it into photoshop.

At this point, You can insert your title, substitles by selecting the
relevent layer. Also add some graphics if necessary.

You need to load the action script first into photoshop as shown in
my last tutorial on " How to use eCT hardback actions script". Please
refer if you haven't load it yet.

In action pallette, go to the eCT hardback , skip Action 1, go straight
to Action 2 and click on play button.

It's that it!

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