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Friday, November 28, 2008

52 3D Graphics with Transparent Backgrounds

Cover Actions Premium has launched it's FREE Gift special for members.

Brand new! It's a collection of the most high demand 3D Graphics that you actually pay at $3 to $5 PER image for the same size( 1600 x 1200 pixel ) which you can get from the photo stock sites on the net.

If you're looking for graphics for your ecover design, website design ( header / footer ), or a promo printing material, ads banner, or just for your workplace deco this might be your best resource.

52 3D Graphics with  transparent background
Click here to get to CoverActionsPremium.com

All graphics are in PNG-24 format. Transparent background means it is for instant use without the hassle of extracting the subject from the the white background. Just copy and paste it! It's that easy and fast!

Compatible with any photo editor that support PNG format- Gimp, Photoshop.

At 1600*1200 pixels, they are big enough for your 300 dpi ecover. Great for printing banners.

Royalty Free graphics- You can use them as many times as you like.

And the best of all- They come with Private Label Rights!- You can sell them and and make them as yours!

Click on the button below to get to the page:

Photoshop e cover box actions

Hurry up, grab them now!

Note: the above cover graphic was created using CoverActionsPremium.com's Widebox cover actions.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cover Actions Premium Special Promo

CoverActionsPremium.com Special Promotion Package Launched!

Dear internet marketer, ecover designer or Mr. Cover A. Collectorson.. or for whoever had any idea about the usage of Photoshop Cover Action Scripts, I bring up a goood news and a baaad news for you. Which one you want to hear first?

OK! Baaad news first:
CoverActionsPremium.com had launched Special Holiday Promotion Offer Package.
For the extremely expensive $37, 000,000, you will get FULL access to the high-definition ecover collections within your 90 days of subscription period, ( purchase 1 month membership subsciption, GET FREE 2 Months extension ACCESS to the site! ). That's so ridiculous!

Just take a look at the "not-so-happening" latest action scripts set they come up with:

DVD ecover box actions

Click here for a worse view. ( Naah!..No need to click, you'll hate them anyway )
Just imagine how terrible your digital product would be in those shape. They will scared your prospects away!

DVD ecover box actions

I will vote those for the worst actions I'd ever seen!

Here's the link: www.CoverActionsPremium.com--- JUST!..Never never never..EVER click here. Or even think of it!

Oh, Before I forgot, haven't I said there was a gooood news as well?

The good news is, the promotion will end real soon- Till the end of November, 2008. Just a couple of weeks left. Thanks god. So, I won't have to worry waking up at night considering to poke out $370,0000 or breaking my wife bank (she's rich, you know?) to buy those thing.

I'll stick with those super cheap virtual cover creator products out there like $127 or even better.. $7 or the best of the best ( bestest ) , FREE one!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cover Actions Premium Membership Is Now Opened!

High Resolution 300 dpi Photoshop eCover Actions and Templates Collection Released!

Are you looking for a serious ecover for you to market your new digital product?
Are you crave for a Exclusive Brand New, Different eCover Actions that can make your e product stands out from the crowd?
Are you longing for "High Quality but affordable ecover actions plus templates altogether in one package" to rise in the market?

Sound too good to be true?


Cover Actions Premium Monthly Membership Club

Vista box action scripts

CoverActionsPremium.com is a blog that contains collections of Exclusive Brand New Photoshop eCover Action Script plus templates to get you start your cover design with. It's updated weekly; means members will see new actions every week.

Join us as a member of CoverActionsPremium.com Monthly Membership now and have access to all of our brand new highly exclusive quality ecover actions and templates at only $39.95 per month ( limited time only).

Once signed up, you have access to all of the actions and templates within your membership active period of 30 days.

FREE ecover box action scripts

Why a blog instead of website?
  • Technically, I've found it's easier to me to update my content ( in this case, ecover actions ) to publish and easier to members to check for updates / latest post that visible at the top of my homepage.
  • I need a feedback for each one of my work in a form of a positive idea, suggestion from my members. And I love credits for my works stated below in comment area.

Requirement: Work Best on Adobe Photoshop CS (Version 8 - English Version) or later version.

Click the image below to visit the site.

Vista-Style Box Cover Actions

Vista box action scripts

See you inside!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Previews of eCover-Templates.com Premium Membership Club Contents

New Look eCover Actions Prelaunch Sneak Peek

Hi, I find myself quite busy lately. I'm working on a set of over 20
(for the beginning) high definition, quality and professinal
designed ecover action
scripts with templates to be uploaded
into our eCover-Templates.com membership site. Yes, you heard
me right; eCover-Templates.com will be transformed into
membership site starting soon. Perhaps on early September.

This is done to serve our audiences( internet marketers and
ecover designers ) with wider range of options and high quality
actions scripts that certainly make your prospects remember
your product and make make them return to your sales pages
any sooner.

All the Premium Membership actions will come in 300 pixel
per inch (ppi) resolutions giving crystal clear images.

What served as freebies in this site will remain FREE. And we'll
keep posting free stuff in future. Anyway premium membership
will be charged a little. ( won't cost you hills and mountains.
So, DO NOT to worry! ).

These are some previews of action scripts ( including Vista-like
box and Mac Box cover ) that I'm working in to:

Vista Box Action Script

Vista Box Action Script

Mac Box Rounded Box Action Script

 Mac Box /Rounded Box Action Script

eCover Box with CD Action Script

Vista Box Action Script

Rounded Box Action Script

eCover Box with CD Action Script

Rounded Box Action Script

There will be a few more variety for each of them besides a lot more ecover actions.

So, bookmark this site before you forget.

See You Soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

FREE Software box ecover / eBox Actions and Templates

2 eCover Software Boxes with 6 Compatible Templates Now Released!

I have just finished creating our ecover action scripts complete with templates.

Let's see what we have for today.

Software ecover box / ebox #1

FREE ecover box action scripts

Software ecover box / ebox #2

FREE ecover box action scripts

Just click on the images above to download the ecover action scripts.

Adobe Photoshop CS ( version 8 ) or above are required.

These are the same view perspectives of 3 sided box.
The difference are the open and close of the top flap. We have
2 sided software box action script and templates from our last post.

Both of the actions share the same templates. Means you can
use a single template to create both box perpectives using any
of the two actions.
To use the templates,get the PSD files into your Photoshop,
and play action 2 directly. ( Just skip Action 1 ).
Refer to our tutorial on how to get the templates into action
for detail instructions.

And here are the templates for both action scripts:
Click on the images to download the templates ( Zipped PSD files )

FREE ecover box templates

FREE ecover box templates

FREE ecover box templates

FREE ecover templates

FREE ecover templates

FREE ecover templates

Please report any broken link within this site.

If you have created your own actions or templates and would like
to share with the others around the world , you are welcome to
send your site URL in our Post Comment section.

If you have an idea or suggestion or request, speak up your mind.
May be you have stumble upon a stunning ecover from a site
while surfing the net, and would love to have the action script for
that. Why not tell us by sending us the URL ( address ) of the site.
Maybe we can do something similar, close to or even better.

Maybe we should create more templates for this actions in our
future post.
Or Maybe be another type of ecover, like CD or DVD case ,..Perhaps.
eCT ebox#1,eBox#2 and all of the templates shown above are
another original free action scripts by ecover-Templates.com.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ECover Templates- Software Box

4 FREE Box Mockup & Templates

4 More Box Shot Photoshop action Mockups & Templates. They are compatible to 'eCT Square Box ' action script that is available from our previous post.

Requirement: Adobe Photoshop CS ( version ) or above.

Click on the images to download the PSD files ( zipped ).

Blue Stripes

FREE ecover templates

Wall Surface

FREE ecover templates


FREE ecover templates


FREE ecover box templates

Please report any broken link ( if you find one ) within this site.

Refer to our tutorial on how to get the templates into action
( convert the 2D flat images into stunning 3D virtual boxes ).

Terms of Use: Refer to our previous post.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Software Box Action Script 2

Software Box Action Script- Square Box Retouched

I've made a few improvements for square shape software box action script from our last post. So,this is the new look. Reflection has been added to give more effect.

Requirement: Adobe Photoshop. Best working on version CS or above.

Terms of use:
You are free to download and use it to promote your digital
product on your site, give it as a free giveaway to promote your site, as a bonus, as a free gift to get prospective to sign up or else. Anyway you have NO rights to sell or use any of ecover-Templates.com's products for commercial purpose.

The download link for the software box action:

free software box action scripts
Click here to download the ebook cover template. (zipped atn file)

And the download link for the ecover template:

free software  cover box action scriptsClick here to download the software box cover
template. (zipped PSD file)

Please report if you find any broken link within this site.

More Templates to come for the action script in our next post. Bookmark this site!

'eCT Squarebox Action Script' is another original product created
and exclusively brought to you by www.eCover-Templates.com.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paperback Book Mockup- FREE!

Paperback eBook Cover Action Mockup & Template- FREE!

ebook cover action scripts
Here's another option to publish your ebook into a bit different shape.
It's a book with thin cover. So called paperback or some might called it
curvy style. You know why.

Most of the actual book we found in a bookstore nowaday comes with this
shape. It's look more practical with it flexibility, light weight and cost

Requirement: Adobe Photoshop 7 or above.
Should you encounter any error massage during running the action, please
give us your feedback stating your Photoshop version and OS.

The download link for ebook cover action script- paperback 1:

paperback / curvy ebook cover action script

Click here to download the ATN file (zipped)

Here an output sample of the ebook cover action script- paperback 1.

ebook cover actions script

The blank template created by the action 1 are of the equal size with the
other ebook templates provided in our last post. Means all the templates
that I've created for ebook cover actions so far, can be use with all of
the ebook cover actions with no problems.

The FREE templates in PSD files are available from ebook cover hardback template and from here

There will be more and more templates for this ebook action in our future
post. Better 'Bookmark This Site' now before you forget the URL for future
reference. Even better if you bookmark this site into your social
bookmarking site to share with the others.

Terms of use:
You can use it to promote your new digital product on your site,
give it as a free giveaway to promote your site, as a bonus or else.

Anyway you have no rights to sell or use any of ecover-Templates.com's
products for commercial purpose.

'eCT eBook Cover - Paperback 1' is another original action script created
and exclusively brought to you by www.eCover-Templates.com.

How To use Photoshop eBook Cover Action Scripts and Templates

User Manual: How To Use Photoshop Cover Action Scripts

Just in case you are new to Photoshop, here's step-by-step guide on how to use the Photoshop ecover action scripts provided by ecover-templates.com.

You need Photoshop to run the actions.
Adobe Photoshop 30 days free trial can be download from here

Step 1- Loading The EBook Cover Action Into Your Photoshop

1-Fire up Photoshop and and make sure the Actions palette is visible. If not, go to main menu bar, Window > actions to visualize it.

2- Open the Actions palette, click on the little triangle button as shown below

3- Click on the "Load Actions..." from the drop down menu to locate and load the action script (ATN File) that you had download previously.

Then, you can see the ebook cover action get listed in your Action palette.

Step 2- Using the Photoshop EBook Cover Action Script

First, Create a blank template by
1- Select the action of your desire
2- Click on Action / Step 1 from the dropdown menu
3- And click on the Play button as shown

Give a few seconds for the action to execute.

This creates blank flat template. You may now start filling the template with your own design.

I strongly suggest you to make each of your graphic and text into separate
layers. This will make your work much easier in the process.

I come up with this

Second, Transform your flat 2D into stunning 3D ebook cover

When you're done with with your design,
click on the Action 2 and then the play button

Wait a few seconds for the action to execute thoroughly before start to crop and resize the image into your desire size. Then save for web.

The final result:
ebook cover action scripts

That's how to use the action script, but how about the templates?

How To Put ECover Templates Into Action

After downloading the templates pSD files into your computer, you need to unzip it using zip unzip software. You can get 45 days free trial version of winzip here.

1- Load the PSD file into your Photoshop as shown in Step 1 above.

2- Choose your action from the Action palette

3- Skip Action 1 and play the Action 2 as shown below.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Softcover Book Mockup- FREE!

3 New EBook cover Action Scripts- Hardback Ready To Go!

Not 1, Not even 2, but 3! 3 ebook cover actions are released today!

Here's the angle of perspective for the trio.

ebook cover action scripts
eCT ebook cover action script #2 output

ebook cover action scripts
eCT ebook cover action script #3 output

ebook cover action scripts
eCT ebook cover action script #4 output

These ecover actions are new version of the 'eCT ecover hardback' cover action that I've posted before.

The first 2 output of the standing ebook cover actions may look identical at first glance, but closer look will tell the different view of perspectives.

The download link for all of the ecover actions:

free ebook cover actions

cover actions

Also embeded is a template to be use with the actions. The template theme design are suitable for Internet Marketing category.

FREE ebook cover action scriptsClick here to download the ebook cover template. (zipped PSD file)

The template created for step 1 for both of the actions are of equal size to the eCT-ecover-hardback templates from our last post. Meaning you can use the templates provided as a starting point for your ebook cover design. Go to the page to download it if haven't do so by clicking here .

ebook cover action scripts

Both ECT-ebook-cover-hardback 1 and 2 actions are created using Photoshop CS (version 8) with Windows XP.The actions are supposed to work fine with equal or newer version of both Photoshop and OS. Don't have Photoshop? You can get 30 days free trial from here .

The ebook cover actions are 100% FREE to download. You can use it as a personal use including free giveway as a bonus to your product, to friends or to prospects to get a sign up. Anyway using it as commercial purpose are prohibited.

For next post, I 'll come up with more quality software cover box actions to share. So do not forget to bookmark us!

eCT EBook Cover Actions- Hardback 2, 3 and 4 are another original products of eCover-Templates.com.

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